Fully equipped workshop for complete staircases and doors

We make your staircases and doors ourselves in our high-tech workshop. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can finish them down to the very last detail. In combination with our expertise, this means we can deal with even the most unusual requests.

Safe, sustainable and high-quality production

In our workshop – and, by extension, our whole business– safety, sustainability and quality are top priorities. In this way we guarantee you a product that meets the highest standards, made by a team who are proud to supply and install your product.

Making stairs: step by step

Before we start work on your staircase, we consider all kinds of factors. After all, your staircase will not only be beautiful: it needs to be comfortable and easy to climb as well. For this we calculate the ideal gradient in advance and the dimensions required for a comfortable step height. Would you like more information? Visit our showroom and enquire about the options for your home.

Building staircases: a craft in its own right

Nowadays you tend to find standardised staircases in many ordinary homes. But what if you are building your own home? That gives you leeway to create your own staircase. Choose something eye-catching or go for a simple but ingenious design with a landing and banisters.

Is your house on different levels that flow into one another? Adapt your stairs and doors to suit each other. Smet Stairs offers a range of combination possibilities. It is easy to combine modern with design or cottage with classic or rustic.

Make your staircase look amazing

You are bound to find a material you love: stainless steel, metal or glass, wood with beech or oak, rubberwood and so on. Or what about a combination of different materials? Certainly: everything is possible.

Smet Stairs: step by step

Outdoor or indoor stairs, cellar or attic stairs, an open or floating staircase: you will find the staircase of your dreams at Smet Stairs. We provide staircases and doors for private clients, wholesalers and carpenters at honest prices. Every staircase we make is made of the best materials and finished down to the last detail.

Staircases and doors to last a lifetime? Contact Smet Stairs now.