Wooden stairs Contemporary

A contemporary staircase

As you will have realised, modern staircases come in all shapes and sizes. The best choice for your home or business premises depends on the potential offered by the space, your interior and of course your personal wishes and preferences. You might go for a modern wooden staircase with a sleek design such as an open staircase, or maybe something equally modern with a more playful look: a spiral staircase, for example. Whatever modern staircase you have in mind, Trappen Smet is ready to help.

Versatile stairs with a modern appearance

Do you want a staircase with a modern design look? Trappen Smet is bound to have what you are looking for. Its wide range of design staircases includes a huge variety of different shapes, including floating staircases, L-staircases, spiral staircases and Z-staircases. Of course these are just a few examples of the range we have to offer. As a family business, Trappen Smet really cares about its customers, supplying custom work that exceeds expectations. You will surely be spoiled for choice, and not just in terms of the shape of your staircase. There is a whole range of colours and materials available to you as well. This means we can always deliver a staircase that responds perfectly to your demands and personal wishes.

Modern staircases, great prices

As an experienced family business, Trappen Smet always guarantees high quality and an optimal lifespan. Design and safety go hand in hand, and we can find a perfect staircase for every space. In short, the service is beyond optimal. Nonetheless, you will always pay an attractive price, which means you will get really great value for money. Of course you are always welcome to pay us a visit at the showroom to discover the possibilities at your own pace.

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We have set up various staircase structures in our showroom to give you a good idea what they might look like in your home.
Whether you have a sleek design in mind, wood combined with a glass or metal handrail, or entirely wooden staircase for a rustic or classic style, you can see all the possibilities in our showroom..
Come and visit so that you can try out all the staircases as if they were your own.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom without obligation. However, if you would like to be served immediately, it is a good idea to make an appointment in advance.

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