Design Wooden stairs

Stairs that deserve to be seen

Once upon a time, design staircases were usually reserved for upper-middle class and wealthy households, but today smaller homes also feature more and more aesthetic staircases. We have become aware that the connection between two floors is not just functional, but can enrich our interior as well. Smet Stairs is specialised in custom staircases and doors for both private homes and businesses.

A new design staircase

Thanks to its years of experience with staircases and doors and the craft of making them, Smet Stairs has a comprehensive knowledge of design staircases. You don’t need a large hall or entrance to turn a flight of stairs into a real eye-catcher. Even ordinary, simple stairs can become a design staircase with the addition of playful or artistic elements to the handrails and banisters. Imagine how your staircase might look with wrought iron elements, or designs in stainless steel and/or glass.

A design staircase doesn’t necessarily have to be futuristic: another option is stylish wooden steps and edgings inlaid with glass, steel or a play of light from hidden LEDs. Highlighting a newel post or rail or putting lights in the steps themselves creates a unique interaction of light and shadow on your staircase. Trappen Smet uses details like these to turn any staircase into a joy to behold.

A staircase like no other

A customised staircase, designed especially for your interior and suited to the style of your home: the designers at Smet Stairs work with you to create your ultimate design staircase like no other in the world. Visit the Smet Stairs showroom in Zulte for advice from one of our specialists. You can avoid having to wait by calling us beforehand to make an appointment.

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Come and get some ideas in our showroom

We have set up various staircase structures in our showroom to give you a good idea what they might look like in your home.
Whether you have a sleek design in mind, wood combined with a glass or metal handrail, or entirely wooden staircase for a rustic or classic style, you can see all the possibilities in our showroom..
Come and visit so that you can try out all the staircases as if they were your own.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom without obligation. However, if you would like to be served immediately, it is a good idea to make an appointment in advance.

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