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Spacious L-shaped staircases

When you think about it, the staircase is one of the more important elements in a home. It does not merely connect the different floors; the character of the home and placing of the rooms is determined by the material used and the shape of the staircase. The choice of shape for your stairs also depends on the available space in the area where the staircase is to be installed. For example, an L-staircase takes up more space than a straight or spiral staircase. An L-staircase can be either an open staircase with a quarter turn at the top or bottom, or two straight staircases with a landing between them. The L-staircase with a landing occupies more space than an L- staircase with a bend because of the flat area in the middle.

Lasting quality

There are as many kinds of L-staircase as there are different kinds of people. Trappen Smet has specialised for years in the design, manufacture and installation of safe, high-quality staircases for both indoors and outdoors. We install both standard and design staircases with a characteristic style. Do you have special requests, or have you even come up with a design? Our team looks forward to helping you create your dream staircase. With the help of modern equipment, we take the measurements for your new staircase in a matter of moments. Whether you want a floating staircase made of glass, a baroque flight of fancy with sculptures or a futuristic L-staircase in stainless steel, Trappen Smet can do it.

L-staircases that are easy to climb

An advantage of L-staircases is that the top and foot of the staircase are close together, reducing the space needed for the stairwell. An L-staircase is more spacious and easier to climb than a spiral staircase. The bend in an L-staircase also creates an unobtrusive storage space under the stairs that can be used as a wardrobe or cupboard. Would you like to find out more about L-staircases? Come to our showroom during opening hours or make an appointment for direct service.

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