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Cottage-style interior

Countryside influences and the use of wood and stone are key concepts for a cottage-style interior. This popular style is reminiscent of eighteenth-century English farmhouses, which tended to have wooden ceilings with beams and sturdy furniture. The cottage-style interior is still very popular today, creating a calm, simple atmosphere in the home. To put the finishing touch to your interior, a cottage-style staircase is the ultimate accessory. Trappen Smet creates your cottage staircase down to the very last detail, so that as well as a gorgeous living room, kitchen and other rooms, you will have a beautiful cottage staircase to enjoy.

Country staircase

Staircases in cottage or country style have been very popular for years. The use of both light and dark colours creates an eye-catching mixture that brings the cottage style to life. Using plenty of wood creates a countryside atmosphere in the home. People often opt for a staircase that suits the style of their interior, whether in existing houses or newly built ones. Since the cottage style is a popular one, there is increasing demand for this type of staircase. Trappen Smet really understands this, and creates cottage staircases that suit your home and style, exactly the way you want. Everything is done by appointment, which means that we take you through the process step by step, enabling us to deliver our best work.

Trappen Smet

If you want one or more cottage-style staircases in your home, Trappen Smet can manufacture them for you on order. Would you like to see some showroom models first to decide on the right colour and so on? In that case, you are more than welcome to visit the Trappen Smet showroom. Besides a range of show models, you will also find more information about making custom staircases.

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We have set up various staircase structures in our showroom to give you a good idea what they might look like in your home.
Whether you have a sleek design in mind, wood combined with a glass or metal handrail, or entirely wooden staircase for a rustic or classic style, you can see all the possibilities in our showroom..
Come and visit so that you can try out all the staircases as if they were your own.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom without obligation. However, if you would like to be served immediately, it is a good idea to make an appointment in advance.

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