Wooden stairs Traditional and rustic

Classic designs are not usually thought of as modern, but many people do find them beautiful and contemporary. In terms of stairs, this means that we find classic staircases in both modern and historic interiors. A staircase with a classic look tends to be made of natural materials such as wood, marble and stone. It may also incorporate wrought iron and bronze elements. Glass or even stainless steel elements cannot really be defined as classic, but they may suit a classic staircase well.

Personalised custom staircase

Trappen Smet has been working closely with individual clients, carpenters and project developers for years. A new classic staircase is always a welcome challenge for us. You need us to find the right harmony between your building, the position of the foot of the stairs, the design of the steps, stringer and handrail and the basic material used to make the staircase. Thanks to the Trappen Smet team’s thorough training in architecture, engineering, craftsmanship and manufacturing, you can rest assured that our classic staircases really are genuine classics.

The classic staircase is a timeless eye-catcher

In the past, people paid far more attention to the staircase than they do now, at least in the homes of the better off. You will have noticed that classic staircases tend to occupy a prominent place, often in a centrally located hall. That is certainly an option: just like design staircases, classic staircases are carefully crafted works that radiate a love of the material and craftsmanship. Classic used to mean old-fashioned, but now classic and retro are right up to date and a classic staircase is a real eye-catcher in your timeless interior. Contact us now or visit our showroom for advice about beautiful classic stairs.

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